The Miracle of Jesus saving my grandma

My grandma (on my mom’s side) passed away about 10 years ago.  She had been a life-long Buddhist along with the rest of my mom’s side of the family.  My mom ended up marrying into a Christian family and converting to Christianity, and mom is the only Christian to have come out of that family.

Grandma was always a loving, responsible, and caring woman.  She was a home-maker with a son and two daughters.  From what I remembered about her, she would always be in support of her family in time of need, and through all of the family’s trials and tribulations, she would always be there to provide what’s needed. Every time I would go over to their house, there would always be plenty of food made from a simple and spotless kitchen.

However, through most of her 86 years of living, she never knew Christ. She had heard of him and maybe had heard some of his word through my mom. But if I were a betting man, I’d bet that if you added up all Bible scriptures that she had ever read in her life, they would amount to less a page.

About two months before grandma died, my mom went to visit her, and she was already bed-ridden. When she saw my mom walk through the door, she raised up her hand and yelled out, “Jesus! Come to me! I had never known you all my life, but now, I do.”  It was obvious that Jesus had gone to see her and performed this miracle of convincing grandma that he was her Lord and Savior.

I still think about this story all the time as my love for grandma had never died, and I reflect upon it this Thanksgiving. Thank you, Jesus, for saving grandma.  She was a good woman … God Bless her!


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One Response to The Miracle of Jesus saving my grandma

  1. That is a beautiful story. God is so good. I had a similar experience with my Grandfather. Upon hearing he was in the hospital, very ill, I traveled a few hours in a terrible snowstorm to his side. I asked him, Grandpa would you like to ask Jesus Christ into your heart? He had turned Catholic in his later years and He replied, Yesss but where? He was sitting up so I said right here just take my hand and we will pray. I knew he was thinking he needed the priest, chuckle. He repeated after me and was shouting so loud like God couldnt hear him way up there in Heaven that the nurses came down and looked in his room. I turned and looked at the very elderly gentleman in the next bed. He was just staring at me and his eyes were sparkling like I have never seen. He couldnt speak he was so ill but i laid hands on him and prayed for him also. I believe that as the Lord’s Spirit filled that room that he was seeing into the Spiritual realm and was very close to death it appeared. So back to my Grandfather. I went home and he passed into Heaven 2 weeks later. But he had got so well after my visit that he had to be released from the hospital and into a nursing home. My parents visited him and said he was walking around. LOL! The sermon that Sunday when I went to Church was on the thief on the cross. There are other special things that happened upon his death that gave me total Peace. The Lord is like that.
    Thanks for sharing. Buszero.

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